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2018 fresh flyerFRESH Vision is a community vision and action planning workshop based at the FRESH Basic Needs Hub. The purpose of the workshop is to bring together the FRESH community to develop a road map for creating a cohesive network at UCI to share resources, boost collaboration, and improve the basic needs security of our student community.

By the end of the two-part workshop, the FRESH Hub stakeholders who are gathered will:


  • Have an emergent sense of vision and direction for the FRESH Hub for the years to come;
  • Understand our roles in the development of the FRESH Hub;
  • Feel engaged with a sense of agency in shaping the future of the Hub;
  • Have a shared understanding of the current state of food-related resources, activities, and entities on campus;
  • Have identified ways to grow more food on campus to feed students in need;
  • Understand efforts to meet basic needs within frameworks of food justice and food sovereignty; and
  • Have established a clear path for student leadership, action, and succession.