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UC SISL Trainers’ Training

The trainers’ training program invites the University of California (UC) community to scale the Student Institute for Sustainability Leadership (SISL) Level 1 program across all ten campuses, in line with the goals of the Student Engagement working group of the UC President’s Global Climate Leadership Council.

About SISL

Developed by UC Irvine, SISL Level 1 is a three-day residential program that provides incoming first year and transfer students with a meaningful introduction to their campus’ carbon neutrality and sustainability community, as well as to the many ways that sustainability scholarship and practice at the UC address critical resource, environment, climate, justice and health challenges in California and around the globe. It also introduces students to leadership modalities that deepen students’ social equity lens and awareness of the interdependence of all life. The training emphasizes interdisciplinarity, collaborative problem solving, and systems thinking.

Many SISL alumni have gone on to become engaged in sustainability both on-campus and beyond. In the last cohort of students at UC Irvine, 44 out of 48 participants surveyed indicated the highest level of satisfaction when asked about their overall level of satisfaction with the program and unanimously agreed that they would recommend the experience to fellow students.

At UC Irvine, SISL is facilitated by the Global Sustainability Resource Center (GSRC).  GSRC is a collaboration among UCI Community Resilience Projects, Student Affairs, Student Housing, and Division of Undergraduate Education. GSRC created SISL in 2013 and joined in partnership with the international non-governmental organization SERES in 2015 to update the training design.

SISL Trainers’ Training

The trainers’ training will prepare a core group of interested staff and faculty from each UC campus to conduct one full cycle of SISL Level 1 on their campus in 2018-19. 

The training will be held in two parts, with each part taking place during a 2.5 day residential retreat. Part 1 enables trainees to experience SISL 1 as a participant cohort while engaging in a discussion on the pedagogy and theory of change. Part 2 enables the trainees to practice multiple teaching modules, tailor the material for their campus, and innovate with their colleagues. Trainees will receive a curriculum with multiple teaching modules and all handouts, notes and resources required to run a SISL program on their campus.

UCI Community Resilience Projects will host the trainers’ training together with lead training partner, Aryeh Shell. The trainings will take place in Summer 2018. Details about eligibility and how to apply will be available in March 2018.  For more information, please email