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Throughout the week ASUCI will be hosting a recycling drive, collecting CRV-certified bottles and cans that will be sent to a recycling facility. The money raised from the drive will go towards efforts to assist affected communities in the Houston area through the Greater Houston Community Foundation(GHCF) Hurricane Harvey Relief Fund. ALSO, each day will be theme-specific! Find out more information below:
RECYCLING DRIVE: Have bottles and cans piling up in your recycling? Or even worse…YOUR TRASH CAN? Well we can help you with that!! We’ll GLADLY take all those CRV-recyclables off your hands and turn it into a GREAT cause!

MONDAY – Environmental Justice: Let’s learn about the invisible impacts of global climate disruption in communities on a local and global scale! 

TUESDAY – Decorate your Grocery Bag: Don’t have a reusable grocery OR do your reusable grocery bags look a little plain??? Get one or spiff it up by decorating a/your grocery bag at our booth! Anteaters in Action will be matching every bag decorated with $1 towards our GHCF charity!

WEDNESDAY – Ethical Consumerism: Learn the steps it takes to get that piece of chicken onto your plate or how much labor and water it takes to make that pair of jeans your wearing!

THURSDAY – Upcycle Your Style: Learn how to make nifty, USABLE DIY’s out of things that you might consider as trash.

FRIDAY – Recycling 101: Ever see those numbers at the bottom of your plastic box? Signs on the three trash containers still confusing?? Well come and participate in our activity, we can assure you’ll leave more confident in knowing how to deviate your waste!

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