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The Center for Biotechnology & Global Health Policy presents: Trauma, Policing, and The 13th Amendment The Long Arc to Freedom

When: Friday, February 22, 2019, 12:15 – 5:00 p.m.
Where: UCI School of Law, EDU 1111

Boxed lunch will be provided
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This symposium reflects the growing national conversation about the harms imposed on families and communities from money bail and plea-bargaining to incarceration and reentry. Often, those who suffer the most are the economically vulnerable who lack the means to access justice. Very often, the most invisible will be women and girls.

Join us as we examine the systematization and institutionalization of policing, its origins, and modern impacts. Rooted in our exploration is the consideration of the 13th Amendment–its aspirational goals and flawed underpinnings. We consider how the legacy of the 13th Amendment both liberates through the abolition of slavery and yet serves as a tool to exploit the vulnerable by permitting slavery so long as an individual is convicted of a crime.

This symposium features two streams. First it highlights the devastating impact of trauma resulting from policing. We realize that policing is a broad term and we intentionally use it to reflect profiling, the surveillance of vulnerable communities, disparate police stops, frequent frisks, escalations that lead to arrests and even deaths, as well as abuse of prosecutorial discretion, resulting in additional institutional phenomenon with real-life consequences on the ground. Second, the symposium seeks to open a conversation about novel interpretations of the 13th Amendment.

Co-sponsored by Criminology, Law & Society- UCI Center for Law, Society, & Culture

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