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“Hire” Knowledge and the Anthropocene, Part of Dance Visions 2019

“Hire” Knowledge and The Anthropocene. Choreography:  S. Ama Wray

Music by J.S Bach, J.P Rameau and JoVia Armstrong

We are living in a time defined by nuclear tests and plastic pollution; we’ve entered The Anthropocene. Humankind has determined this geological epoch where ecosystems have been significantly impacted. Our insatiable demand for inorganic materials, technological warfare and patented produce has already led to global mass extinction of species, and yet we have the ability to make more sustainable choices. After a trip to Trinidad last summer I realized just how much we in Orange County and in the U.S. in general, are insulated from the devastation wrought by over-consumption. In the Caribbean I experienced a hyper-awareness of responsible use of one-use plastics and I began to question my consciousness of the consequences of all that we so casually discard. So I ponder humanity’s so-called “higher” knowledge and consider if we are equating the natural world as substance that is simply for “hire” and can therefore be replaced at will. What would nature say if she could talk, if she could measure us? What will make the difference? How much louder does the alarm have to ring; and do we all have a seat at the table?

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