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The Law & Social Movements Colloquium will host a conversation about housing justice, which will touch upon the movements for: adequate and affordable housing; safety and dignity among those who are under-housed and homeless; public and government prioritization of housing needs; and democratic participation of individuals who are homeless in decisions that affect them.

The colloquium will include Lou Noble, an Orange County resident who became homeless in 2008 and who has become an activist for those in Orange County’s homeless community. The session will also include Carol Sobel, a civil rights attorney who has been involved in prominent cases involving the rights of people who are homeless. These cases include Jones v. Los Angeles and the ongoing case,O.C. Catholic Worker v. Orange County involving people who until recently had been living along the Santa Ana riverbed.

UCI Law, EDU 1111 involving people who until recently had been living along the Santa Ana riverbed.

5:30-7:00 p.m.
Monday, April 9, 2018

401 E. Peltason Dr., Irvine CA 92697


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The Colloquium is a five-part series featuring pairs of lawyers and organizer-activists who have collaborated with each other in the context of active social movements. Attendees will learn about collective mobilization, the role of law in both impeding and encouraging the political activism of marginalized people, and the ways in which lawyers are working in support of such mobilizations.

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