Resilience Performance Lab

Instructed by Giulia Vittori


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Join UCI Community Resilience Projects and Community member Giulia Vittori for an experimental and experiential workshop: Resilience Performance Lab.

What:          A workshop using tools from improvisation and theatre to                             explore community resilience practices that expand thinking                         led by Community member Giulia Vittori
Anyone is welcome (the workshop accommodates standing                          and seated activity). The workshop is for adults. No prior                              experience necessary.
Where       Cross Cultural Center, Dr. White Room
        November 14, 2019 / 9:30 am – 11:30 am
How:           Please wear loose-fitting clothing


At UCI Community Resilience Projects, we teach practices for both personal and community resilience. We think of a community as being resilient in part when the community has what it needs to create conditions to protect and maintain biological and cultural diversity, especially in the face of disruption. Many, many factors affect a community’s resilience. As we work with this understanding in different settings across the state, it becomes clear that practices of personal resilience can play key roles in informing and building community resilience, and vice versa. We find that attention to this interplay can sharpen our communities’ work for environmental and social justice, on and off campus.

What is Resilience Performance Lab?

by Giulia Vittori

I like to think about resilience as both resistance and re-existence – to resist against what we want to change and to re-exist in a world from there adjusted. Performance can support us in our resilient plans. Performance digs into the physical and emotional roots of our thoughts, allowing for more grounded intellectual stances. Performance is resilient: it relies on repetition to be effective, it moves back and forth between making and dismantling, and it seeks to embody the unfamiliar through the familiar – it trusts improvisation. During this workshop, we will explore ways of embodying our experiences of resilience to create and stand together.

About the Instructor

I am an Italian artist/scholar based in California since 2009. I received my Ph.D. in Theater and  Performance Studies from Stanford University after studying theatre history at Ca’ Foscari University, Venice, and working as an actor for Italian devised theatre group ItinerisTeatro. In my creative practice as a director, choreographer, and performer, I experiment across theatre, dance, performance art, and literature to push creative process and research questions further. I have created site-specific performance in natural sites and museums, directed devised theatre and staged dance-theatre pieces. I am passionate about working with non-professional performers to spread a mindful use of performance to build community. I am also a part-time lecturer of Italian in the European Languages and Studies Department at UCI, where I use performance to improve language acquisition.


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