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Donate to UCI Community Resilience Projects

Community resilience student fellows work collaboratively on a student-driven project.

California Adaptation Forum. UC Irvine staff joined colleagues at the California Adaptation Forum in September 2016 for a workshop on “Engaging Communities in Effective Problem-Solving,” led by Resilient Communities Initiative (RCI) coalition members Paloma Pavel, Carl Anthony, Ms. Margaret Gordon, and Kirsten Andrews-Schwind.

$100 Donation

Sponsor a student to attend a training to develop community-building skills.

$500 Donation

Fund the production of outreach materials to reach underrepresented communities during action planning process.

$2,500 Donation

Create a fellowship opportunity for students interested in understanding how we can be more inclusive of marginalized communities.

$10,000 Donation

Sponsor the design and facilitation of a stakeholder engagement process.

By clicking ‘donate now’ you will be taken to UC Irvine’s eGiving webpage. The ‘gift designation’ field should  be pre-populated with Community Resilience Projects. If you have any questions, please contact