2021 Just Transition Movement Lawyering Institute

A national team of academic and social movement-based collaborators is working together to co-convene a 2021 Just Transition Movement Lawyering Institute.


The Institute will kickstart the creation of a community of legal communities centered on just transition movement lawyering to address the needs of people who are navigating the most severe climate and economic impacts of the extractive economy.


The Institute will begin our efforts to: 

  • Build just transition movement lawyering infrastructure and alignment for coordinated action nationally, with attention on the South, fire-affected regions of the West, and Indigenous communities;
  • Increase connection, skills sharing, and shared analysis among just transition movement lawyers, community organizers, students, academics, media, and advocacy allies;
  • Deepen the emerging network’s integration of transformative practices into movement lawyering; and
  • Increase shared understanding of approaches that are working internationally that just transition movement lawyers could be considering domestically.


The Institute aims to support the wide range of lawyers whose work is needed across the full spectrum of lawyering for a just transition. This includes those working to:

  • Provide legal support to low-income, Black, Indigenous, and communities of color (BIPOC) that are navigating the most severe climate and economic impacts of the extractive economy
  • Organize community members to end extraction and to develop new systems, structures, and cultures needed for a just transition
  • Shift their on-going or nascent legal careers towards just transition
  • Educate the broader legal community about the law of just transition
  • Forge connections with fellow BIPOC community lawyers


The Institute will run during Summer 2021 through a sequence of online activities including readings, pre-recorded lectures and synchronous small group discussion sessions, bookended by opening and closing community forums. The Institute will be followed by at least one academic symposium issue on the law of just transition. The planning team aims to create opportunities for participating lawyers to earn Continuing Legal Education credit. During Spring 2021, interested members of the legal community will be able to apply to participate in the Institute through an online application portal.


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Institute collaborators include:

  • Gulf Coast Center for Law and Policy
  • Journal of Law and Political Economy
  • NAACP Climate and Environmental Justice Program
  • Center on Law, Equality, and Race—UCI Law
  • UCI Community Resilience

Collaborating institutions continue to be added