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Community Resilience Co-lab

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The Community Resilience Co-lab is one of the projects convened by UCI Community Resilience Projects.

The Community Resilience Co-Lab aims to build a stronger campus community response to the enduring and intersecting crises of environmental, racial, and social injustice. The Co-lab brings together UCI graduate and undergraduate students, faculty, and staff from across disciplines and departments to co-generate critical and collaborative shared space. We use the Co-lab to experiment with deepening connection, skills, and critical analysis related to these issues in ways that embody the values underlying the world we seek to create. A rotating planning team comprised of student leaders convenes the 2019 Co-lab.

The 2019 Co-lab aims to generate:

  • A safe, collaborative space for campus organizers, faculty, graduate students and undergraduates who aim to create fertile ground for communal care, resilience, and liberation;
  • Deepened and strengthened intellectual and community relationships;
  • Increased shared analysis of the intersections among environmental, racial, and social injustice;
  • An agile network to withstand and work with related challenges that arise here on campus; and
  • Increased familiarity with concrete skills, tools, methods, and knowledge to liberate and support Co-lab participants’ commitment to communities and social justice.

Student Involvement
Undergraduate, graduate and professional school students are welcome to apply to participate in the 2019 Co-lab. Check out the details below.

Staff and Faculty Involvement
During AY 17-18, the Co-lab was conceived and comprised of a core group of collaborators drawn from the staff leadership of various campus co-curricular education units, supported by the faculty advisory group of the UCI Community Resilience Projects. The 2019 Co-lab is ready to warmly welcome faculty and staff participation from across campus. Please email Abby Reyes at to express your interest to get involved. Thank you.

Details for Student Applicants

Current UCI students from undergraduate, graduate and professional school programs are encouraged to apply to join the 2019 Community Resilience Co-lab. We seek students who can demonstrate a commitment to the co-lab’s aims, and who are ready to commit approximately 12 hours per quarter to the Co-lab for Winter, Spring, and Fall 2019. Students graduating in Spring 2019 are still warmly welcomed to apply.

The application deadline is March 1, 2019. The Co-lab planning team will review applications and make recommendations to members of faculty advisory group of UCI Community Resilience Projects. Applicants should expect notification by March 8, 2019. After this time, applications will be received and reviewed on a rolling basis as capacity allows.

Submit the brief online application at the link below by March 1, 2019.

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What’s Happening Now

Why This is the Work

The work required of us is to shift the white supremacist gaze to see what is actually happening here. I write to tell some stories from our work at the University of California, Irvine, to help connect some of these dots in a manner that points towards action.

June 29th, 2020|

At the 2017 100% Renewable Energy Conference, students told UC President Janet Napolitano how student efforts led UCI to switch to an all electric bus fleet and urged UC to pursue sustainability and student basic needs like food and housing security as hand-in-hand goals.

Applications for the 2020 Co-Lab cohort will open during Fall 2019.