Embodying Resilience


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Join UCI Community Resilience Projects and Dance Professor S. Ama Wray for an experimental and experiential series in Embodying Resilience.

What:          A four-week series of movement practices that expand                                  thinking led by UCI Dance Professor Dr. S. Ama Wray
Any “body,” standing or seated, is welcome (the series                                 accommodates standing and seated activity). The series is                          for adults. No prior experience necessary.
Where:        Cross Cultural Center, Dr. White Room
:         Thursdays, October 10, 17, 24, and 31, November 7, 2019                            9:30 am – 11:00 am
How:           Please wear loose-fitting clothing

In collaboration with UCI Community Resilience Projects & Africana Institute of Creativity, Recognition, and Elevation

At UCI Community Resilience Projects, we teach practices for both personal and community resilience. We think of a community as being resilient in part when the community has what it needs to create conditions to protect and maintain biological and cultural diversity, especially in the face of disruption. Many, many factors affect a community’s resilience. As we work with this understanding in different settings across the state, it becomes clear that practices of personal resilience can play key roles in informing and building community resilience, and vice versa. We find that attention to this interplay can sharpen our communities’ work for environmental and social justice, on and off campus.


What is Embodying Resilience?

A Movement that Inspires the Mind
Dr. S. Ama Wray

Improvisation is life; resilience is synonymous with creativity. Actively participating in these 90-minute movement workshops will redefine your experience of life. Resilience includes failure, doubt and so called mistakes, but it is how you interpret these different and inevitable currents that directs your onward journey. Through participating in this class you will awaken and sharpen the skills and sensibilities that are necessary to build and sustain a creative responsive and resilient community. Developing your capacity to engage with the world as a full embodied citizen advances your capacities to be fully present, empathic and flexible. As you navigate life with a fuller view of its opportunities and obstacles, you will thrive even in the most testing of times.